Petrol Terra Clean

All petrol engines build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters (cat) and on lambda sensors over time and all petrol injection systems build up gums tars and varnishes. Both these contaminants have a negative effect on your engines efficiency and add to the environmental hazards present. It is therefore highly necessary to regularly clean your vehicular components from the carbon deposits that can negatively impact your car and the surroundings- Decoking.

Petrol is made up of two core components,

ALIPHATIC FUEL (loose molecular structure; burns easily and completely; no carbon deposits but creates very little power)

AROMATIC FUEL (tight molecular structure; difficult to start combustion; incomplete burning; leaves behind carbon deposits; high energy created)

These two components are necessary to allow the fuel to achieve an optimum combustion rate and also achieve optimum power.

Today, UK has the advantage of having a revolutionary new technique of carbon cleaning- Terra Clean. Signature MK brings you this unique and efficient technique to de-coke your vehicle and give it a complete carbon free efficiency.

At Signature MK, we use the latest nanotechnology with aliphatic fuel alone in our Terra Clean machines. The aliphatic fuel is negatively charged and is fed into your vehicle via the combustion chamber and injectors in a two part cleaning cycle.

The net result after a TerraClean Petrol Service is-

✓ Give an instant drive away difference

✓ Clean injectors of carbon, restoring spray patterns

✓ Clean and improve spark plug performance

✓ Restore lost MPG

✓ Boost Performance

✓ Decarbonise engine combustion chamber

✓ Significantly Improve exhaust emissions

✓ Extend Life of Catalytic Converter


Even the smallest carbon coating on your injectors can reduce and distort spray pattern resulting in a drop of performance by up to 25%. Our Petrol TerraClean decarboniser machines remove carbon deposits, soot, and varnishes and hence enhances the performance of –

Engine Combustion Chamber’s- The Terra Clean decarboniser machine helps removes the different types of carbon deposits like soot, varnishes, tar and build up from the intake and exhaust valves. This reduces the engine’s octane requirement thereby improving drivability and fuel economy.

Oxygen or Lambda Sensors– the oxygen sensor measures the amount of Oxygen required to burn fuel in the exhaust stream and transfer the information back to the engine’s brain ECU. This and other information from other parts will help monitor the amount of fuel to be sent to maximise power, optimise fuel efficiency. When choked with carbon deposits, this Lambda sensor gives sub-optimal information which hampers the overall efficiency of the machine.

De-coking the Lambda sensor improves the accuracy of information it provides to the ECU thereby improving efficiency, performance and fuel economy. Fixing a faulty Oxygen sensor you can improve your mpg by as much as 40%

CAT or the Catalytic Convertor– this converts harmful emissions from the engine into harmless gas or water.

When carbon deposits form on this CAT convertor, the emissions are not successfully cleared, i.e. harmful pollutants are not filtered out.

Also the carbon deposits clog the exhaust flow, creating a back pressure of heat exhaust fumes into the engine compartment. This can cause your engine to malfunction, reducing efficiency and power.

Decoking the CAT can ensure a cleaner safer environment as well as prevents potential harm and damage to the engine and its components ensuring better efficiency.