Diesel Terra Clean

If your vehicle has symptoms like general sluggish performance, Rough Idle, Flat Acceleration spots, poor vehicle emissions and fuel economy, excessive cranking, engine knock and poor start up, then you know that it is time to Terra Clean your vehicle

A TerraClean service can improve your fuel economy by 4 – 16% ensuring squeaky clean motor parts that you can actually feel.

✓ An immediate drive away difference

✓ Restored peak horsepower

✓ Better cold weather starting

✓ Significantly reduced exhaust emissions

✓ Decarbonised engine combustion chamber

✓ Better fuel economy and MPG

✓Restored spray patterns in the injectors.

✓ Extended fuel pump life

✓ Quieter and smoother drive


The Diesel Terra Clean Service works on the following parts giving you a cleaner experience-

Exhaust and Emissions

Diesel engines produce more carbon particulates or soot than petrol and thereby produce more pollutants through exhaust emission like Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen emissions.

A Terra Clean service removes hard baked carbon and soot from your engine, injectors, exhaust and sensors giving a cleaner and environment friendly vehicular emission by reducing the harmful pollutants.

Diesel Lambda Sensors or O2 Sensor

A Diesel Lambda Sensor is assembled inside exhaust system and signals the engine ECU to adjust the amount of fuel to be sent to the engine to ensure lowest emissions and best fuel economy. This is by measuring how well the diesel is being used inside the engine and how much diesel can be allowed in.

A clogged sensor results in improper information, thereby compromising on the efficiency of the engine and poor fuel economy.

(CAT) Catalytic convertors & DPF

A CAT or Diesel Particulate Filter converts the harmful pollutants into harmless gases and water which is emitted from the car’s exhaust system improving the quality of air around us. In case of diesel engines, these particulate matters are much more because of incomplete combustion of fuel. And a Catalytic Convertor that can effectively reduce the emission of soot and other harmful substances are sought after for the effective running of the vehicle as well as environmental safety.

Carbon and soot build up inside your catalytic convertor can markedly reduce the quality of emitted air and it is therefore imperative to keep it cleaned regularly.

DPF require more maintenance than CAT. This is because ash, a by-product of oil consumption, builds up in the filter as it cannot be converted into a gas and pass through the walls of the filter. This increases the pressure before the filter. Warnings Regular filter maintenance is thereby a necessity.

Terra Clean helps ensure soot and particulate free CAT and DPF.


Diesel Fuel Injectors

Clean and properly functioning Diesel Fuel Injectors ensure proper performance and economic mpg for your vehicle. When clean, these fuel injectors inject diesel fuel into the combustion chamber in an atomized-mist that burns cleanly and gets the best out of the fuel.
Carbon deposits on the tip of these injectors can affect the optimal spray pattern of the diesel injector. TerraClean Diesel fuel injectors help renew and restore performance.

Diesel Fuel Pump

The Diesel Fuel Pump is the heart of the diesel engine. It delivers diesel in a precise rhythmic pattern to ensure that the engine runs smooth. It also controls the amount of fuel to be sent to the engine to keep the desired power. This is done by supplying the fuel to the injectors via a high pressure rail.

This expensive component if not kept clean and soot free, will be open to damage and replacement of this part will be a costly affair. Terra Clean helps to ensure greater longevity.

Combustion Chamber

A natural by-product of combustion is carbon which deposits itself as soot, varnish and particulate carbon. These carbon deposits that get collected in various parts of the combustion chamber will affect engine performance, causing it to run slow, start-up problems, overheating and higher fuel consumption.

Decarbonising or decoking your engine and its parts is vital. Terra Clean makes a previously tedious job now simple and more effective.
Our TerraClean diesel treatments will clean away most of the carbon deposits in the same way as a full engine strip! Resulting in a more efficient burn