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Signature boasts of being one of the few companies offering a wide range of diagnostic and repairing services both for hybrid and electric vehicles. Having more than 25 years of experience in the motor trade, we have projected ourselves as one of the leading independent company. we are based in Milton Keynes offering a mobile service within your budget.

We have already outshone our peers by offering premium quality hybrid car repairing services best in the industry. Whether it’s about Electric Car Servicing, Engine Remapping, DPF cleaning, DPF Regeneration, Mobile Diagnostics, Vehicle Diagnostics, Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Car Electrician, or Mobile Car Servicing, we are simply the name to trust. With Signature by your side, you can have complete peace of mind.

Under the many services, we offer you de-carbonising of your vehicle’s engine parts in a new revolutionary method- the TerraClean Service.

UK has revolutionised the concept of Carbon Cleaning through the Terraclean process. But even then, today, it is not fully understood by many. Older technology had pour-in products to do the work which was effective to a point. But it could not ensure de-coking of the post combustion part of the fuel and exhaust system.

Terraclean is an advanced new technology to de-carbonize your vehicle’s fuel system. In this system, the Terraclean machine is connected to your vehicle using high quality OEM adaptors. The engine is made to run on the cleaning fuel which cleanses the engine, exhaust, combustion chamber, O2 sensors, CAT convertors, fuel pump and fuel injectors. The carbon deposits are thoroughly cleaned in this process without the need for any dismantling of your car parts.

The process although similar for both petrol and diesel vehicles, has some basic technical differences to suit the fuel type-
Petrol Terraclean has two stages of cleaning. The first stage cleans the injection system and inlet valves. Whilst the second stage helps clean the post combustion parts like combustion chamber, exhaust, CAT, Lambda sensors.

A Diesel Terraclean service follows the same principles of cleaning through a different technology where your engine is connected to a patented TerraClean machine made specifically for diesel engine with a unique fuel.

Our Technicians – Our Pride

Rather than tall claims, we let the quality of our repairing and diagnostic services bespeak our prowess. This is exactly why the demand for the service rendered by our highly experienced, skilled, trained, and certified vehicle technicians are enhancing with each passing day. They are members of the IMI as well as the Federation of Small Businesses.

Our repairing experts have more than 15 years of experience in working with hybrid vehicles and we believe this to be one of the prime reasons behind our success. They value the reputation earned by us through the years and leave no stone unturned in maintaining it by rendering reliable services at competitive rates.

Few Of Our Repairing And Diagnostic Services

  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Engine Remapping and Tuning
  • Servicing And Repairs
  • DPF Cleaning Specialists
  • Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance And Repair
  • TerraClean Service, Petrol and Diesel


Finance On Repairs

Signature takes much pride in stating that we are one of the few car repairing companies offering finance of repairs. If the damage is huge, the repair bill can surpass your expectations. This generally happens when we have to buy new expensive car parts to replace the faulty ones. This is exactly where our finance on repairs facility comes to the rescue. We offer payment assistance and let you pay the bill in easy instalments.

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Our services include:

  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Servicing and Repairs
  • Engine Remapping and tuning
  • Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  • DPF Cleaning Specialists
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • TerraClean Service 

We have highly experienced, trained and certified vehicle technicians. We are members of the IMI as well as the Federation of Small Businesses.



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